1. Content of online offer

Brunox AG accepts no guarantee that the information appearing here is up-to-date, correct, complete, or of the best quality. Any liability claim against Brunox AG based on material or ideal damages caused by the use or non-use of the information provided here or caused by the use or non-use of erroneous or incomplete information is precluded. Any offers are subject to change without notice and non-binding. Completing, deleting, or altering this online offer is only permissible for the re-sponsible parties of Brunox AG.

2. References and links

All liability is precluded in connection with direct or indirect links to other web pages and information outside of Brunox AG's area of responsibility. No illegal contents were visible on linked pages at the time the links were made. Brunox AG has no influence on the present and future design, the contents, nor the authorship of the linked pages; it thus distances itself from the contents of all linked pages that were changed after the links were made. This applies for all links and references made in the own internet offer as well as any entries made in guest books, discussion forums, links lists, mailing lists, and all other forms of data bases with external entries set up by Brunox AG. Only the organisation offering the page, and not that making a reference to it, is responsible for illegal, erroneous, or incomplete contents, and in particular liable for damages due to the use or non-use of the information shown there. Brunox AG asks the users of websites to inform immediately about any entries or links to illegal sites.

3. Copyright and trademark law

Brunox AG strives to respect the copyrights of all pictures, graphs, audio clips, video sequences, and texts in all publications, to use its own pictures, graphs, audio clips, video sequences, and texts, or to utilise unlicensed pictures, graphs, audio clips, video sequences, and texts. All protected copyrights and trademarks appearing on the internet offer, including any copyrights and trademarks are unlimitedly subject to the applicable trademark laws and the ownership rights of the registered owners. Mere mentioning of a name does not lead to the conclusion that trademarks are not protected by third party rights! The copyright of published objects the author completes him/herself remains solely with the author of the pages. Copy or use of these graphs, audio clips, video sequences, and texts in other electronic or printed publications is prohibited without the author's express agreement.

4. Data protection

If there is any possibility for entering personal or business information (email addresses, names, postal addresses) within the internet pages, entry of this data is expressly on a voluntary basis on the part of the user. Use of published contact information such as postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and email addresses by third parties for sending information not expressly requested is prohibited. Legal actions against senders of advertising and spam mails remain expressly reserved.

5. Email liability disclaimer

We expressly advise you that email communication can be insecure and erroneous. Confidentiality is at no time guaranteed. Any email (including attachments) can be inadvertently - or by third parties deliberately - manipulated or may contain viruses. We decline any liability for damages that might arise from use of such an email including any attachments. If you erroneously receive an email from us, we ask that you immediately delete it from your system. Further use of this email and any attachments is strictly prohibited. We regret any inconvenience and thank you in advance for your understanding.

This is only a translation. In case of legal disputes, the original German version alone is binding. Swiss law applies; the place of jurisdiction is Uznach (Switzerland).


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