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High-Tec Maintenanceproduct


Application and effect

We are glad to present you our newest product BRUNOX® LUB & COR.

BRUNOX® LUB & COR sets new standards. At least we have realised the highly desired High-Tec-long-term corrosion inhibitor and lubricant in an attractive package.

Thanks to your suggestions we have chosen an attractive and very eco-friendly package. We are convinced that BRUNOX® LUB & COR would be a great hit for the private collector, huntsman and sport shooter.

When firearms are used, stored or transported in high humidity or in aggressive climatic conditions, they need a corrosion inhibitor which is reliable.
BRUNOX® LUB & COR made it possible to protect the firearm over years.

Especially for professionals, as the police, military and hunters, it’s very important that, when the weapon is not used but is exposed to all weathers, they don’t need to preserve it every day.
BRUNOX® LUB & COR protects against corrosion for about a year when the weapon is placed outdoor but under a roof. Under open air it’s protected for about half a year and indoor up to 3 years.

BRUNOX® LUB & COR forms a very thin, viscous protection film of 5-10my, which does not harden.
Before using the firearm the film has to be removed with a soft absorbent cloth. The barrel should be completely clean before firing.

BRUNOX® LUB & COR is even more. It prevents not only against CORROSION but is also a LUBRICANT, a High-Tec-Lubricant for semiautomatic firearms.

RUAG, Anschütz, and Merkel have tested the usage on semiautomatic firearms and have been very enthusiastic. This product is unique and, like BRUNOX® Gun Care Spray, a product with a good price and quality relation. It contains no silicone, no PTFE and no graphite and will be available in the convienient 125ml High-Tec-Sprayer. The spray-can works without propellant. It will be delivered in multilingual (DE/FR/NL/IT/GB) alum cans. Each box contains 12 cans.

PDF Further information can be obtained from the technical  data sheet.


Spray 100 ml, 400 ml
• dropping bottle 100 ml
• canister 5 l
• canister 20 l
• fass 200 l

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