brunox® lubri-Food®
High – Tec – Allrounder for the food industry

Product description
Lubricant, protection, creep oil and cleaning agent appropriate for occasional technically unavoidable contact to food, is NSF H1 registered (N° 136783 and N°137856).

Mode of working
A high-tech-product that does not become resinous and is produced from NSF H1 registered ingredients. It forms a homogeneous and very efficient lubricating film which displaces humidity and protects against corrosion. BRUNOX® Lubri-Food® has an excellent penetration that guarantees an excellent loosening effect, it can also be used for the removal of boiler scale and makes tightened parts movable.

Application area
All aspects of the food industry, from maintenance of production line equipment and food packaging machinery as well for agriculture, restaurant and hotel business. Can also be used by manufactures of food industry tools and equipment and machinery.

To reduce friction and wear and therefore increases the life span of expensive food production equipment.

Warning please ensure, that the electricity supply is disconnected before applying BRUNOX® Lubri-Food®.

Apply a light, even film and allow BRUNOX® Lubri-Food® to react.
Only apply as much BRUNOX® Lubri-Food® as it is absolutely necessary to obtain the desired technical result.
Wipe off excess with cloth.
BRUNOX® Lubri-Food® should contact food as little as possible despite its official NSF H1 registration.

Physical Properties

BRUNOX® Lubri-Food®  – High-Tec-Allrounder for the food industry –



Film Thickness

3 – 4 my

Specific Gravity

0,83 ± 0,02 g/cm3

Expect Coverage

approx. 100 – 120 m2/l

Viscosity (20°C)

3.5 mPas Bulk
3.5 mPas Aerosol



Bruggertest/DIN 51347
25 N/mm2


73 °C

Consistence of the film

film does non-hardening

Heat Resistance

up to 155 °C short time
up to 125 °C permanent


-displaces humidity
-stops limestone

Freezing Point

below -20 °C

Can be used

for all metals




- NSF H1 registered
N° 136783 and N° 137856
- drinking water certificate
- froth certificate
- Kosher certificate
- contains no: silicon, PTFE,  
resins, acids

Film Property


PDF Further information can be obtained from the technical data sheet
PDF BRUNOX Lubri-Food Flyer
PDF BRUNOX Lubri-Food-leavlet
PDF BRUNOX Lubri-Food knifecare
PDF BRUNOX Lubri-Food NSF report


• can 400 ml
can 100 ml
canister 5 l

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