brunox® top-kett
for all-weather conditions


All-weather riders use BRUNOX® Top-Kett, the longterm corrosion inhibitor.
Guarantees up to 5-times longer corrosion protection.

BRUNOX® Top-Kett is suitable for all metal based products
in winter storage, storage under humid conditions,
storage outdoors, storage indoors up to 3 years.

BRUNOX® Top-Kett is also a high-teclubricant for chains, gears and all moving parts.
It has a relatively high viscosity forming an even, non-hardening, compact anti-corrosion- and lubrication-film with 100% coverage especially around edges. It is guaranteed for up to 3-times longer between

The lubrication film is not leached away by rain or salt water, providing
long-lasting and reliable protection against corrosion.

Physical properties:
Film thickness: 5-10 my
Expected coverage: 40 m2/l at 5 my, 20 m2/l at 10 my
Guaranteed lubrication effect: up to -41 °C
Heat resistance: up to 150 °C short time, up to 100 °C permanent

PDF Further information can be obtained from the technical  data sheet.
PDF BRUNOX BikeCare- flyer


• dropping bottle 100 ml
can 100ml

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